Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Trials and tribulations of a new graduate

No one warned me how hard it would be when I left college!
I've put myself under pressure to make for several events when my work is still in the development stage. The lovely horsehair pots are proving to be problematic. I know with time I will be able to get them right but I don't have much (time) as deadlines are looming. Each time I need to try a new method/idea it is a process of

  1. Throwing
  2. Drying
  3. Burnishing
  4. Drying some more
  5. Bisque firing
  6. Glaze firing
  7. Raku firing
And if all that doesn't work then the whole process starts again! So at least 10 days for each set of tests. I am missing not having tutors around to ask questions and don't want to keep imposing on other makers/friends, bombarding them with questions. I hadn't realised how little I actually know ha!
However, I am loving being a maker... and will also love it when I become a seller too!