Friday, 18 February 2011

Black Chunky Bowl

These pieces just hot out of the kiln are the latest of my experiments. 
Made with a black chunky clay, bisque fired and then glazed with a white tin glaze (Yo Thom) and fired to 1250 in an electric kiln
I am extremely pleased with the results, I think it is one of the best pieces I have produced so far.
The glaze works well with the chunky black clay with the different thicknesses of the glaze giving a wide range of colours and shades.
Suggested selling price £195 large bowl
Small pots £22 

Technical notes: Bisque firing  50/600 100/1000
                         Glaze firing   100/600  150/1250  20min soak
Glaze (Yo Thom): 
Potash Feldspar     49.5
China Clay             24.7
Dolomite                21.7
Tin Oxide                3
Bone Ash               2.1
Whiting                  2.1