Sunday, 25 September 2011

New Tests

Just a quick post with a little taster of some pots hot out of the kiln today.
They are coated with the same glaze I use on the black pots but I have applied to porcelain.
They still need developing because although I'm extremely pleased with the inside the outside of the pots weren't very successful, although I have an idea whirring in my head so watch this space...........

Horsehair pots Sept 2011

These pots were the results of last weeks firing. I think my photography skills need some work but I'm really pleased with how the pots have turned out. I took them into Tracy Benton, the owner of Atelier Contemporary Craft Gallery in Barnstaple, and she was delighted with them. She has asked if I could provide her with some to take with her to The Country Living Show in London. Mmmmm..... YES!

They are very time consuming to make but I think they have worked really well with the new colours inside, and I enjoy making them.
First they are thrown, then burnished, then terra sig applied. Then the first bisque firing, glaze applied to the inside and re-fired. Then the last part is to Raku fire them when the horsehair markings are applied! I'm exhausted just writing about it! Phew!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Raku Firing

At last a break form the rain today, the sun was shinning so I took the opportunity to catch up with some Raku firing.
Helped by my friend and fellow ceramicist Ros I spent the day  making little horsehair pots.

This is the Raku kiln that I built a couple of years ago .
 It is great in the fact that it is really easy to set up and pack away.
I literary wheel it in and out of the shed, connect the gas and away I go! 

These are the pots after I have taken them out of the kiln and placed the horsehair on, before I clean them up. 

We had a little visitor checking that we were doing it right!
And these are the results! 
Just need to take some nice pictures now before whisking them of to the shops!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Earthenware colour glaze tests

These are some pots I have glazed with some new colour tests, ready to Raku fire with horsehair. The little lidded pots are also a new experiment. Unfortunately it's howling with rain and the weather forecast is pretty dismal for the next few days so I don't know when I'm going to be able to finish them.
These are the colours I tested using an earthenware  gloss base glaze

Lilac 4/2/1%

Turquiose 4/2/1%

Buttercup 4/2/1%

Green 4/2/1%
These colours are a blend of all the above colours at 1%
They don't show up very well in the photos but there are some really nice colours as a result of this test

Friday, 16 September 2011

Summer Update

Gosh it's ages since I blogged last... I think I have been subconsciously having a break now I have finished college. But actually its good to keep a note of what I've been doing for my own records, to look back on in the future.
I have done quite a lot over the summer and last couple of weeks since the children went back to school.
I have exhibited at the Red Earth Gallery, Bickleigh Mill, with the West Country Potters. I sold quite a few of my little horse hair raku pots, so I have been busy making some more over the last couple of weeks to Raku next week hopefully.
This picture is of me force drying some test tiles (I'm soooo impatient!), My husband wasn't terribly impressed when he came home from work expecting his dinner to be in the oven!
I'm testing a load of earthenware colours to glaze the inside of the raku pots with... in the kiln now as I type.

I also have some work on exhibition in Margate at the moment, so hopefully that is going well.

I have been selected to exhibit at the Devon Guild Christmas Exhibition so busy making for that as well as testing some new ideas which I will add to the blog when I'm happy with them.