Sunday, 10 July 2011

WPA Potters Market

My friend Taz Pollard and I had a stall on the Quay in Exeter yesterday. Amazingly we had really good weather after what was a miserable week. There was a regatta going on at the same time too which attracted a few extra punters. Unfortunately sales weren't great (generally, not just us) but it was a great exercise for setting up my new stall lay out.
The Potters Market

Taz and Nicola Pots!
I made the plinths from leftover pieces from our kitchen we had fitted last year.
I think they worked extremely well. They pack up nice and flat and all fit onto one box, they were a lot sturdier that some of the stands I saw. The high gloss suited the work really well too.

Selection of my smaller pieces

Taz's beatutiful Yunomi's ~ I just love the little plinth they are on too

Limpet Pots with crystaline glaze inside

This was new idea ~ stand made from Parian Porcelian

Our Stall!

Pot On location

Here's one of my creations that I gave to my Aunt and Uncle as a present recently. It's nice to have some photos of my work in situ as apposed to studio pictures. (secretly hoping it will act as a promotion piece as they have lots of very nice friends....!)