Sunday, 20 November 2011

Alternative to horsehair

I've been looking at some alternatives to the horsehair technique as the percentage of pots that don't make it through the process is too high (currently +40%!!!). Melting copper wire on to pots is something I looked at in my Foundation Diploma and something that I have wanted to revisit for a long time. So these pictures are the experiments so far.........
Original horsehair piece

Copper wire ~ low fired

Copper wire ~ high fired

Comparison of all 3

Christmas Events

This is my stall set up at the first of 3 Christmas Events I am attending (details at the side of this blog). Although sales weren't all that fantastic I'm not taking it too personally as I think this was a general thing with most stall holders at this event. I'm looking forward to the Art Bazaar in South Molton next Friday although it will be a long day.... fingers crossed there will be plenty of people visiting!