Sunday, 25 September 2011

New Tests

Just a quick post with a little taster of some pots hot out of the kiln today.
They are coated with the same glaze I use on the black pots but I have applied to porcelain.
They still need developing because although I'm extremely pleased with the inside the outside of the pots weren't very successful, although I have an idea whirring in my head so watch this space...........

Horsehair pots Sept 2011

These pots were the results of last weeks firing. I think my photography skills need some work but I'm really pleased with how the pots have turned out. I took them into Tracy Benton, the owner of Atelier Contemporary Craft Gallery in Barnstaple, and she was delighted with them. She has asked if I could provide her with some to take with her to The Country Living Show in London. Mmmmm..... YES!

They are very time consuming to make but I think they have worked really well with the new colours inside, and I enjoy making them.
First they are thrown, then burnished, then terra sig applied. Then the first bisque firing, glaze applied to the inside and re-fired. Then the last part is to Raku fire them when the horsehair markings are applied! I'm exhausted just writing about it! Phew!