Thursday, 26 May 2011

Exhibition choices

I'm trying to decide which pictures to send of for exhibition/competition entries ...... answers ona postcard please!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Newest bestest yet!

This is my latest bowl out of the kiln... I really love it! The pictures need photoshopping to enhance them a bit, they look much better in real life.

Loads of blue crystals growing on the way down the sides. I love the way the manganese has run down with the runny glaze

You can't really tell in these pictures but the middle is purple and looks beautiful in the natural light when the sun shines on it.

New pots

These are some new little pots I have made. It's seems to be a bit pot luck as to wether I get crystals growing or not. It depends on the cooling speed, so if I use the big top loader at college full with work then I get good crystal growth. I had a very different result from the small test kiln. I had some AMAZING results form the front loader which takes AGES to cool!

And here is a little dish I made to sit them in

You can see the crystal growth on this little one

I'm loving this black chunky clay!
I used 'creative adaptation of technique' (I pinchced this phrase from a friend!) by rolling out a flat base and then throwing a coil around the edge.

Business Cards

Here are my new business cards!

Degree show

Well it seems like ages since I've had time to update my blog  but here are some pictures of my show work set up in the gallery. Not sure if I will keep this arrangement, I might change the pots around.