Friday, 15 July 2011

Wall hanging

I'm trialing the idea of wall hanging pieces. This piece is made from paperclay, to lighten it and add further texture. Slip resist of a fern leaf and then glazed. 
I'm thinking of a triptych (series of 3) showing the different seasons of plants in my garden. Obviously I can only do summer at the moment though.......!
Black chunky paperclay. Porcelain slip resist fern leaf.
Glaze fired 1260*

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Well the results are out and I officially have a Foundation Degree with Distinction! Hoorah!
A really huge thank you to my husband (not just for the lovely bottle of bubbly!) but for putting up with all the stress and supporting me over the last 4 years of study. I hope I can start to repay him with some success now. I do feel this is just the beginning though as this is where the hard work begins, enlightening the world to Nicola Crocker Ceramics! 
Off to London for the day tomorrow to have my work photographed for a book 'Handmade in Britain'. This is to be launched in conjunction with the London Design Festival in September.
Shades of Clay at Atelier in Barnstaple during August.
Exhibition in Margate at The Pie Factory Gallery 3-30 September...... so lots to be getting on with!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

WPA Potters Market

My friend Taz Pollard and I had a stall on the Quay in Exeter yesterday. Amazingly we had really good weather after what was a miserable week. There was a regatta going on at the same time too which attracted a few extra punters. Unfortunately sales weren't great (generally, not just us) but it was a great exercise for setting up my new stall lay out.
The Potters Market

Taz and Nicola Pots!
I made the plinths from leftover pieces from our kitchen we had fitted last year.
I think they worked extremely well. They pack up nice and flat and all fit onto one box, they were a lot sturdier that some of the stands I saw. The high gloss suited the work really well too.

Selection of my smaller pieces

Taz's beatutiful Yunomi's ~ I just love the little plinth they are on too

Limpet Pots with crystaline glaze inside

This was new idea ~ stand made from Parian Porcelian

Our Stall!

Pot On location

Here's one of my creations that I gave to my Aunt and Uncle as a present recently. It's nice to have some photos of my work in situ as apposed to studio pictures. (secretly hoping it will act as a promotion piece as they have lots of very nice friends....!)