Friday, 16 September 2011

Summer Update

Gosh it's ages since I blogged last... I think I have been subconsciously having a break now I have finished college. But actually its good to keep a note of what I've been doing for my own records, to look back on in the future.
I have done quite a lot over the summer and last couple of weeks since the children went back to school.
I have exhibited at the Red Earth Gallery, Bickleigh Mill, with the West Country Potters. I sold quite a few of my little horse hair raku pots, so I have been busy making some more over the last couple of weeks to Raku next week hopefully.
This picture is of me force drying some test tiles (I'm soooo impatient!), My husband wasn't terribly impressed when he came home from work expecting his dinner to be in the oven!
I'm testing a load of earthenware colours to glaze the inside of the raku pots with... in the kiln now as I type.

I also have some work on exhibition in Margate at the moment, so hopefully that is going well.

I have been selected to exhibit at the Devon Guild Christmas Exhibition so busy making for that as well as testing some new ideas which I will add to the blog when I'm happy with them.